Better 4 You with new Kelly’s Premium Nuts

 (Vienna, March 20, 2018; Kelly) Kelly, the Austrian crunchy snack expert, has added four new products to its range of premium nuts, thus going with the trend to so-called “Better 4 You” products. That means two new varieties of roasted and salted cashews and a nut mix are joining the popular Kelly’s Pistachios. Under the sub-brand “Kelly’s – natural&pure”, Kelly is expanding its offering by two unroasted and unsalted nut products.

Peanuts and Premium Nuts Are in Vogue
Kelly is expanding its peanut and premium nut offering by the four new products. In addition to the high amount of valuable fatty acids, vitamins and minerals they contain (especially vitamin E, magnesium & phosphorus), nuts supply plenty of protein and fiber and are rightly described as brainfood. The overall market for snack nuts is growing continuously and more and more health-conscious snack consumers are recognizing the high health value of all types of nuts. The most popular nuts in Austria, apart from the standard, peanuts, are cashews, followed by almonds and various other precious nuts, such as pecans and macadamia nuts.

Roasted Nuts Now with Sunflower Oil

Already at the start of this year, Kelly switched all its roasted peanut and premium-nut products to sunflower oil. “We use top-quality HOSO (high-oleic sunflower oil) sunflower oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, for our peanuts and all new roasted nut products. That makes us the first and only supplier of snack nuts that are roasted with HOSO.” Bauernfried explained.

Kelly’s natural & pure – Brainfood with a New Look
Kelly is now also offering unroasted and unsalted nuts with its sub-brand, “Kelly’s natural&pure”. Because nuts are in vogue. “Simple and natural – that is the basis of our new premium nut range. The unroasted and unsalted processing makes them the perfect snack for all nutrition-conscious consumers. They’re especially popular with this group as an energy kick for in-between meals,” explained Mag. Maria Bauernfried, marketing director at Kelly.

The four new products, Kelly’s Cashews roasted & salted 100g, Kelly’s Nut Mix roasted & salted 100g (consisting of peanuts, cashews & almonds), Kelly’s Cashews unroasted & unsalted 100g and Kelly’s Nut Mix unroasted & unsalted 100g (consisting of cashews, almonds and walnuts) are now available in Austrian food retailers. An attractive display in the form of a nut tree acts as a special eye-catcher at the POS.

Did you know that...?
...Kelly’s nuts are roasted in 100% top-quality HOSO sunflower oil?
...Kelly’s Chips are made from 100% native potatoes?
...About 90 Kelly contract farmers supply their potatoes directly from the local region to the Kelly plant in Vienna?
...Kelly’s and Soletti refrain from flavor enhancers and only use MSG-free spices?
...native salt is used for Kelly’s and Soletti products?
...all Kelly’s and Soletti products are free of trans fatty acid?

For additional information or photos:
Mag. Maria Bauernfried, MBA
Marketingdirector Kelly Ges.m.b.H.
Hermann-Gebauer-Straße 1, A-1220 Wien
Tel.: +43 5 70 789 600 // F: +43 5 70 789 609

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