Company culture
& structure

Managing Director: Markus Marek
Chief Financial Officer: Mag. Werner Luksch
Managing Director Operations: Dkfm. Thomas Buck

Sales management:

 Markus Marek

Marketing management:
 Mag.(FH) Petra Trimmel

Head of the Soletti factory, Feldbach:
 Ing. Markus Gutmann

Logistics management:
Authorized signatory Christian Fitzke

Financial management:
Authorized signatory Peter Malczek



We are:

  • An Austrian company with an American character, operating at a profit.
  • Aiming for market leadership in other European countries.
  • Our premium brands of Kelly’s and Soletti are market leaders in Austria.





  • to set ambitious goals,
  • to believe in success,
  • to make no compromises,
  • to celebrate achieved successes,
  • to search for new challenges
  • and, therefore, to start again from the beginning!

Our aims:

  • To continue to determine the market growth in Austria, and get a foothold in foreign markets.
  • To live our brands.
  • To understand the signs of the time.
  • To orient the company towards the current market requirements.
  • To make a profit and, hence, to increase the company’s value over the long term


We stand for the company’s sustained profitability.
We are initiators, decision-makers and movers with an exemplary function: in this way, we characterize the corporate culture.
We bear responsibility for the right selection, management and support of our employees, hereby ensuring efficient processes.
We are confident in each and every employee’s contribution towards the jointly-decided company objectives and that decisions are taken as a joint effort.
We are there for each other in the event of difficulties.

We acknowledge deviations from the objectives, report in good time, and quickly implement suitable measures. Our communication is precise, fast, direct, respectful, and emotional. We talk with each other and not about each other, and communicate a joint message.