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Environment & climate protection

Save the future

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Reducing our environmental footprint

Thinking responsibly is one of our most important company values and is something that we put into practice on a daily basis. As a food manufacturer, we depend on the precious raw materials that nature provides us with. For this reason alone, we are convinced that by protecting the climate we are safeguarding our future. We are doing our bit to preserve open spaces where the planet's ecosystems can renew their resources. For us, this means, above all, rigorously reducing the amount of waste, water consumption and CO2 emissions during the production of our savoury snacks.

A large part of our environmental footprint occurs in our supply chain. That's why we are partnering with our suppliers in order to jointly reduce environmental impacts.

Key goals

30 %

fewer CO2 emissions (Scope 1/2) by 2025 (base year 2010)

20 %

less water consumption by 2025 (base year 2018)

10 %

less non-edible waste by 2025 (base year 2018)


Packaging pledge

Our packaging strategy

We support the EU's transition to a comprehensive circular economy and endeavour to work continuously to avoid, reduce and recycle our packaging materials:

  • We have already achieved the first goal of our packaging strategy, namely, to reduce 10% of the packaging material we use by 2022 (compared to 2014).
  • Our focus is on ensuring that 100% of our plastic packaging will be recyclable by 2025.

Sustainable packaging requires commitment from the entire packaging industry. That's why we actively engage in stakeholder alliances, public-private partnerships and cross-industry initiatives in order to support the development of innovative solutions.

Employee transporting a pallet of packages

Our commitment to the climate

In accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our CO2 emissions by 30% by 2025 compared to 2010. We have developed a CO2 roadmap that focuses on the areas where we have the greatest influence. An important component is, for example, our ISO 50001 certified energy management system and the climate-friendly green electricity generated by PV systems at our own plants.

Illustration CO2 Cloud

Recovery and recycling

We are proud of having succeeded in reducing food waste in our production to 0%. In 2020, all our edible residual products were recycled, for example, to produce animal feed. This gives a second life to residual materials that don't make it into the bag. Moreover, at our plant in Wevelinghoven, we recycle process water and vegetable residues from production directly on site. We can reuse filtered water in the production process. From the organic waste, such as potato peels, we produce climate-friendly biogas , which we then likewise use again to produce our snacks.

Illustration of a famer with a box of potatoes in his hand