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Our approach

Corn field in the sunset, a hand in the foreground reaches for a leaf

Our approach

For us, sustainability means safeguarding the future and it starts with our values. Our company values commit us to make a positive contribution to the people and environment on our planet. Because we understand that the economic, environmental and social foundations of the lives of all future generations are at stake.

Our fields of action

For us, sustainable action begins with the cultivation of raw materials and continues through to the finished product. Our work along the value chain is characterized by our four fields of action:


Environment & Climate Protection

Supply Chain & Society


Intersnack Germany's Sustainability Diamond

This is the symbol of our approach to sustainability - Intersnack Germany's sustainability diamond. It combines our most important company values with the three global dimensions of sustainable action (economic, environmental and social) and thus describes our basic approach. Resolutely living our company values in our everyday work commits us to ensuring that our actions achieve economic, environmental and social sustainability. We understand this to be a shared responsibility that extends to all the fields of action that are essential for our company.

Sustainability successes


without artificial additives

99% sales without artificial flavor enhancers and colorings.


vegan items

60% vegan items in the range.


less CO2 emissions

15% less CO2 emissions in our production (CO2-Scope 1/-Scope 2) compared to 2010.


less packaging material

10 % less packaging material used per year in flexible packaging compared to 2014.

Sustainability Silver

Intersnack highly rated in latest EcoVadis assessment

EcoVadis has awarded a Silver Rating to Intersnack for our sustainability programs. Sustainability is vital to our culture and business and last year we decided to benchmark our progress by commissioning EcoVadis to undertake our first independent sustainability assessment.

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